You can praise yourself lucky.

You have just found one of the best mass-multiplayer games around!
Shogun is an exciting mass-multiplayer game played from your browser.
Okay, it has no stunning 3D-graphics and 7.1-EAX-Sound (To be more exactly, it has no sound at all =)).
But it does has an exciting gameplay and ofcource, the fun of playing together: The Community!

Shogun plays in the ancient Japan. You are a young boy willing to become a real Samurai.
Your dream is to master the Katana and rule the land. This is your chanche!
Pick up your sword and fight your way up.
Or try to become the richest man in whole Japan.

So, what are you waiting for?!
Head on for the real game or have a look at the fora!

Just a quick note: Shogun is currently under heavy development!

Announcement: Turns are now running!

Turn: 29

Everything on is (C)Scott Brugmans - 2004